Double Your Social Media Profits in 60 Days


If you're an influencer without a brand, you're leaving (a lot of) money on the table.

Remove that Amazon storefront and all those affiliate links from your Linktree page.

They pay you a *very* tiny percentage.

They do not deserve to sit in your bio.

But I don't blame you for not knowing this.

You probably don't yet realize how much being an influencer today is worth.

It's worth a lot more than a tiny commission per sale (1-10%).

Anything that pays you less than 30% shouldn't be in your bio.


This is why I showed you in the video above why you should build your own brand.

Having your own brand will allow you to generate more sales, AND, earn higher commissions.

And before your mind drifts into thinking you need to be a chemist or have knowledge in business... 

I showed you in the video how you can start a brand for $0/month, without being a chemist or having any business knowledge.

Have you watched the video? 

If you didn't, skip reading this and go watch it.

Because I've laid out EVERYTHING you need to know about how to launch your own brand.

In that 8-minute video, you're going to learn exactly how to double your profits in 60 days.

Why build your own brand?

A better question is, why not? There are many reasons to build your own brand. Let's explore them.

What we do when you launch your brand with us:

🔹 Build your website
🔹 Source the products for you
🔹 Create, manage and scale paid ads on all social media platforms
🔹 Handle all customer support and inquiries
🔹 Set up your payment provider
🔹 Conduct A/B tests for landing pages and ads
🔹 Set up email marketing
🔹 Design your logo, packaging, and labels
🔹 Hire experts
🔹 Arrange studio shoots
🔹 Build upsells
🔹 Launch and manage your loyalty program
🔹 Handle suppliers and stock
🔹 Pack and ship all orders
🔹 Perform CRO and optimize SEO
🔹 Provide suggestions, new product launch ideas, and collaboration opportunities
🔹 Manage and scale every aspect of your brand

What you'll need to do:

🔹 Create content

Seriously, that's it. You don't need to be a chemist or have any prior knowledge in business or product development. Just do what you already love and are good at. We'll take care of the rest!


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